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Adzuki Bean Hummus

How much fun is a food that is full of creamy, yummy goodness that can be eaten as a snack or a meal and that is packed with tons of nutrients to keep our bodies healthy?!? Pretty darn fun and pretty simple to prepare.

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Brazil Nut Cantaloupe Milk

Wow. This has been a fabulous year for buying fresh, local produce, and the season isn’t even over yet! This past week I got my hot little hands on a beautiful locally-grown organic cantaloupe, and I was psyched… A couple years ago I found a recipe to make a version of a cantaloupe nut milk, which was totally delicious. I looked for the recipe online and have not been able to find it, so I have invented one of my own. I believe when I made it before the recipe called for raw almonds. This one is obviously (as you can tell from the name of the recipe) using raw Brazil nuts, which are wonderful, too.

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Marvelous Marinated Mushrooms

I adore mushrooms… Portabello, porcini, chanterelle, shitake, enoki, reishi, maitake and even plain old white button mushrooms! The only catch is, I don’t care for raw mushrooms. It was music to my ears when I heard that I could make raw “cooked” mushrooms.

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Chocolate Pudding With A Twist

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’re going to do backflips when you taste this pudding. In fact, not only are you going to do backflips because it tastes so good, you’ll be doing them because it is easy to make and is extremely good for you, too!

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No Kale Left Behind Salad

Have you ever tried kale? Eaten raw, it can be tough and a litte bit bitter. If you learn how to prepare it correctly, surprisingly, it is super delicious and is unbelievably good for you!

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